Cadmium Lemon

08 October 2004

An insult to warm spit

Tuesday night was... Fright Night! One kisses babies, the other eats them. Who would win?

The Vice Presedential debate was not an interesting contest for the viewer. Cheney didn't try and bite anyone, and Edwards was a let-down; by 3.30 am, all I could think was how wrong I was to have wanted Edwards to get the nomination ahead of Kerry. And yet...

Cheney fucked up. The big post-debate media story stemmed from one of his more acerbic moments, when he chided Edwards on his poor attendance record in the Senate. He foolishly claimed to have never met Babyface before, so he must have been a bit sickened to get off the stage to the news that he had, and the press had the pictures to prove it. Despite holding his own in the debate itself, Cheney lost the spin thanks to some foolish and unneccessary lies.

But this wasn't really why Cheney lost. The big moment came when Edwards dissed him over various Halliburton related misdemeanours, and Cheney responded by telling the folks at home to check the facts for themselves, by visiting a website called Click the link, and you'll see that particular site is just a redirect to George Soros' anti-Bush site on George Cheney meant to say

Funny as this was, this wasn't the big mistake either. Cheney's real mistake was that by directing the voters to an obscure website, he snubbed the American press. Hell, it's their job to rubbish Democrats whilst ignoring the lies from the White House crew, not the responsibility of a bunch of internet upstarts. And that's the reason why, when Cheney got backstage, he was greeted by a shitload of personal attacks on his integrity, instead of the one-sided dissection of Edwards' position, (liberally (ha!) interspersed with the phrase "flip-flop") that he must have been expecting.

Worse still for Cheney, the real then went to town on Cheney's performance, examining the statements from both sides, and concluding that Cheney was approximately four times as full of shit as his opponent, particularly when it comes to Halliburton. Two-nil to the Democrats, then, and the polls are starting to look good for the boys in Blue - the big polls are showing them neck and neckish still, but the battleground states that will decide who gets the job are showing definite swings towards Kerry. Kerry v Bush round two tomorrow night. Can't wait for that ding ding ding.


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